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AEROFALCON is a company in continuous evolution, growing with new technologies but maintaining the old business and commercial spirit. For more than 30 years we have been building strong relationships with prestigious international brands, large stockists as well as small authorized workshop and assembly lines.

We are a global logistics company, aiming to tailor made the needs of our customers, therefore obtaining one of the greatest efficiency ratios in the market both civil and military.

Due to our proven worldwide experience, we have achieved such a level of expertise and reliability to become one of the main suppliers of tactical equipment for the Ministry of Defence and State Security Forces of Spain as well as many other countries.

Furthermore providing support and development of applications and equipment in aerospace, airports infrastructure, naval and automobile sectors globally.

For years, AEROFALCON has been significantly increasing its international expansion, with a considerable growth in exports, as well as in the establishment of agreements with distribution and service centers throughout the world; direct consequence of the quality and competitive costs.

In the aviation sector, AEROFALCON, is a world leader in the supply of top of the line ground equipment, from final assembly lines, aircraft operators and maintenance centers both civil and military.